Thursday, 17 July 2014

Travel Diary: Queensland

 Hello everyone! I am now back in (freezing) Melbourne and feeling super refreshed after a short family holiday on the sunny Gold Coast. For readers outside of Australia, the Gold Coast is our go-to place for family holidays and it's only about an hour's flight north of Melbourne. It was a relaxing 10 days and I now feel I'm ready to start blogging seriously again, starting with this holiday photo diary

I stayed in a lovely little apartment on the 17th floor of a holiday apartment block with a perfect, Lost in Translation-esque view of the city on one side and the ocean on the other. One night, I stayed up til 1am sitting on the kitchen counter, eating cornflakes, staring out the window at the cars beetling their way through the city and the flickering lights of high-rise building windows. And listening to The Strokes of course.

First stop for us was the theme parks! MovieWorld is filled with rides in varying degrees of intensity, SeaWorld houses a number of the world's most beautiful animals, and Wet'n'Wild is perfect for those who don't mind getting a little wet. The animals in SeaWorld were so beautiful and got me thinking more about the amount of waste we produce, where it ends up and how this effects marine life... This little polar bear was one of my favourite animals to meet that day

(I also have videos of dolphins leaping through the air)

Next, we spent a day on Tambourine Mountain, home of the cutest Polish cafe ever (bonus rosellas, a dachshund, walnut cake and views of hangliders included), glow worm caves (literally the coolest animals ever), and a rainforest sky walk!

We visited a couple of local markets where I purchased a summer dress, Roget's Thesaurus, Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and the most delicious danish I've ever had. Kate Bush and The Cars played while we browsed which was cool. The real attraction of the nearby night market was the sunset. JUST LOOK AT IT

 A definite highlight of my holiday was a day trip to Byron Bay, a picturesque surfing town in nearby New South Wales. After a speedy sightseeing stop at the Cape Byron Lighthouse we visited the beach. The hazy mountains and clear blue water even appealed to a beachphobic like me. Lunch was chocolate and banana French toast which was AMAZING followed by a stroll along Main Street where I found a bar called St. Elmo's! I almost cried when I saw it; I half expected Rob, Judd, Emilio, Demi and the rest of the gang to stroll out the front door

So between all this sightseeing I was able to squeeze in a tonne of crime documentaries, finish knitting a hat, check out the best vegetarian eateries in Surfer's Paradise, and finally get on the Youtubers band wagon (I'm a little obsessed with ClothesEncounters, SmartGirls and Pindippy at the moment but more on those in a post coming soon)

Have you been on holidays recently? Do you have plans for a well deserved getaway? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. your holiday sounds amazing! that sunset and those beaches are to die for omg, they're gorgeous! glad you had a great time :)

  2. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could go see it for myself, but that would include a stupid-long flight and the spending of half a fortune. Sigh...

    1. I know, Australia is just so hard to get to!

  3. Australia looks amazing; I can't wait to go one day. You obviously had a great time :)

  4. These pictures are amazing! Glad you had fun!

  5. wonderful photos! it seems like it's a joy to spend some time there. hope you had a wonderful trip :) anyway, thanks so much for the darling comment you left on my blog :D God bless!~

    xoxo, rae

  6. i'm out of wordsss, this is so beautiful. I love sunsets, and the the first pic is absolutely breath-taking! Lovely post :)

    Hallo Horo