Monday, 30 June 2014

Life Update

Hi. Long time no talk. A very long time.

Originally the reason for my absence was my upcoming exams; I needed every spare moment to study and didn't have time to write/take photos for blog posts. Anyway, this absence became quite extended because I realised I'd become overly influenced by the Internet and I didn't like it. I deleted all my social media apps for a few weeks so I couldn't (easily) access sites like instagram, twitter, tumblr and, obviously, blogger. During this time I began to weed out all the clothes I'd bought because I'd been conditioned to online and figured out which activities I was doing simply because everyone else was and not because I was gaining any real value from them. I quit watching artsy movies so I could tweet about them, I quit taking photos of things I didn't care about so I could post them on instagram and I quit taking opportunities just because they'd be material for a blog post.

I did, however, do a bunch of things I actually enjoy and give me real life value. I've had time to learn how to knit (I've made a scarf and two pairs of gloves so far), begin re-reading the Harry Potter series, hang out at the frozen yoghurt place and got Italian food with my friends, babysat a puppy, bought Miley Cyrus tickets, watched The Great British Bake Off finale, wept over St. Elmo's Fire for the 78583785th time, made some new friends, saw some local live music, and  half-learned how to drum an Arctic Monkeys song.

I also realised that I'm not happy with some of the blog posts I've been producing as they're kinda about nothing. From now, I'm going to be posting a little less regularly but hopefully a lot more interesting! I'm going on holidays on Wednesday but when I come back I hope to share some pictures/experiences


  1. Yay this sounds great! xx

  2. I get what you mean about being too influenced by social media - so often I think to myself 'But I'm only wearing this because it's what successful tumblr people wear...' Really looking forward to the new posts! Have fun on your hols xx

  3. Ah, good for you, prioritizing! I get what you're saying. However, for myself, I figured blogging might encourage me to do more interesting things and get out, and whatnot. I'm looking forward to seeing your new posts~

  4. I'm going to try detaching myself from the internet this summer because I feel like there's a lot about myself that I'm just doing or being interested in because the vast majority enjoy it and I'm pretty sure that's not healthy and defeating the purpose of "being myself" and this post has definitely motivated me to do it and hopefully there'll be a good outcome from this "project". I'm looking forward to your new posts! x

  5. I also took time off from social media by deleting some of the apps. I felt that, especially with facebook, it was too controlling over my mood. I'm also looking forward to your posts!

  6. Lovely post!xx
    Keep in touch xoxo
    Antonella ☀